I fucking hate bugs. Remember when people would make fun of other people who hate bugs? I recently bought these bed bug traps which are basically like roach motels. Its a cardboard house/hut with glue as carpet. Ive set like 8 of them on the carpet, and boy oh boy. I can't say I've seen bed bugs caught in there perse, maybe one or two, but boy oh boy, there are spiders, quite large, fully in tact, frozen in time, along with ants, and some many other bugs/insect species. Not overcapacity dead bug dwelling but enough to make me think and say, I hate fucking bugs. Sure, in nature where they belong, and likely much more variety and freaky, is like okay because I dont sleep in nature every single night. But knowing there are large spiders roaming free on my carpet at night when I'm unaware is enough for my previous statement again, loud and clear, and proud.