Everytime I ride Trimet Line 72, in the middle of the ride, I say I'm never riding this line again. Then I find myself on this line again, repeating I'm never riding it again. I can be on it for as long as an hour and fifteen minutes straight. Believe me, I take other routes compared to this. It doesn't seem like a long time, but it is excruciating and painstaking. Imagine a crowded bus, stopping at almost every single stop for an hour. I noticed at one point, the difference between two stops was a block or maybe two. Thats a few seconds when we stip and go. People will get on to go just one stop, when I'm sure they sat and waited at said stop for longer than they rode the bus, and could've just walked quicker. But that's too hard to walk two blocks, and too far and strenuous for most people. The other problem with this line is when one bus stops and picks everyone up while the next bus is a minute behind when its normally spaced at 12 to 15 min intervals. Why is Trimet, or individual drivers not expedited the ride? I understand if a stop is requested, the driver kinda has to pick up people. But I've also seen busses that'll say, Drop Off Only. So, if the driver doesn't have to stop, the bus is already crowded, the next bus is 5 min behind, why not let the next bus start doing some work? Avoid Line 72 if you can.