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Your take on the 72 are common to many Tri-Met and most municipal transit bus systems.
Major sidewalk/crosswalk investment is now headed to 82nd Ave intersections and drive-thru to reduce hazards. It's a good idea. BUT the new FX Division St line falls short of expectations.
The articulated 60' buses belong on a route like Barbur to Tigard with "curbside" stops instead of patently absurd "median" (MAX or BRT) stations. I celebrated when voters said Hell no in 2020.

Unfortunately, City Hall & Tri-Met & Metro still include the SW Corridor MAX line in their official handout renderings. ODOT directors also oversaw the Hwy 99W debacle and approved, likewise the Rose Quarter and Columbia River I-5 bridge projects considered atrociously unacceptable engineering that puts lives in danger, worsens traffic hazards, accident rate and severity (more accidents, more multi-car pile-ups, more passenger and pedestrian fatalities).

Chances are Tri-Met will screw up 82nd badly. Can you believe these characters at PBOT actually want the NE Broadway/Weidler couplet to be on the bicycle green loop? (NE 7th Ave west through busy stoplights and I-5 on/off ramps). An investigation of these said agencies is warranted and necessary -- to stop them from doing their worst!

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