How do you guys get away with it? Theres at least one of the three of you on the porch every time I go to work at 5 am, and come home from work at 5 pm or 8 pm. If I take out the garbage, if I'm doing yard work, if I'm checking the mail, or if I'm chatting with the neighbor, there's at least one of you. I know for sure one of you smokes. More on that later. But all three of you, all you do is stare at your phone. EVERY SINGLE TIME. None of you work. None of you go to school. None of you take the garbage out. I see none of you doing any yard work. Seriously how the hell is this happening? I'm not jealous. Its a little aggravating to know thats your daily life. But what business of it is mine, I guess? I guess its because I have to see you from across the street. That plainly itself bugs me knowing two other people in your household are wholeheartedly supporting your entire existence with zero contribution from you all. Back to the smoker, I mean when you're coughing and hacking at 5 am, does that tell you something? Anything? I guess again, what business of it is mine? I guess that's right. WTF do I care for? I guess I just see way too much complacency from about 90% of people i encounter every day that do more shit than anything inspiring and positive. That just bums me out.