Your new house has a reputation. When we get the first big rain you are going to have a rat in your downstairs toilet. It's as bad as you can imagine it to be. Let me give you a moment. Yep, they are pretty big and with that drowndish look those long yellow teeth really stand out and you think quickly about hoe, holy shit, that rat looks like the one from the Rats of Nimh, but then you realize this fucker is alive and trying to get out of your toilet so you put the lid back down and are like fuck! what the fuck , and the rat did poop and pee in your toilet, that was real, you saw that even though this is 6:04 AM and so you grab the fireplace tong things that came with the house and pluck him out of there and give him a fucking hard squeeze just so he knows whos boss , shove it into the trash can , run out your front door and manage to chuck that drowndished rat out into the morning light with a solid thud in the middle of the street, you stand there just amazed at how strong you just were in this horrible situation, but that feeling is fleeting, gone so fast and you're left shaking and crying on your front step , not sure you can go forward , but you do somehow , knowing that it could happen again.