Once upon a time, someone called me "organic." Because of my lifestyle and how I lived life. I'm very much the same person. The idea of organic is akin to rolling stones, hippies, troubadour, carefree, and free spirits. I remember I would go through 3 or 4 days, sometimes a week without taking a shower. I would walk to a friend's house on downtown streets barefoot. I remember one sunny day being outside work, and someone was walking by as I was scratching my head, and all these dandruff flakes were falling. I said to the person, just a little shower. Puke. Gross. I'm still very much the same person, but these days now, I almost couldn't imagine a day without a shower. I still do 2 to 4 days when I go on some bender every now and then to escape but those no shower days are gone. The water feels so good to cleanse, wash the day away, and besides if you have skin and hair irritations, it feels so refreshing to rub a scrub, dub, dub. The water feels so amazing. Scrubbing feels so amazing as does washing and scratching the scalp. I think about people without running water and I cannot imagine. Sometimes I'm so itchy its unbearable. It also takes me back to this surf break where after a session of surf, sand, Salt water, and sun, the outdoor showers were the most refreshing feelings on earth i knew at the time. I appreciate my blessings of water.