The statement, there's only two kinds of people as far as I can tell. The terminally ill and the worried well. There may be many more and there's this one too. The ones that ask about your weekend, and the ones that don't. Theres a kid at work that always asks, "did you have a good weekend." One trick pony types. Considering he's super lazy at work, all he cares about is the weekend, and working for the weekend. He's clearly not at work to excel at work. The question implies having a good weekend. Its kinda a form of manipulation as I see it. What if someone's dog or family membet just died. They got in an accident. Why not just say "how was your weekend?" Besides, it puts people on the spot. The types that are business as usual, the weekend topics come up casually. The former question makes it small talk, trivial, "read any good books lately" kinda not deep thinking. I do fall into the category of let's get to the point, and heart of the matter. I notice many peoples responses to this "good weekend" are kinda the same. Annoyed, one word answers like, yes, excellent, fantastic. Just really fake and superficial, socialite type conversation. No substance. I can't do that. So can we just get to work, not only because its awkward to be involved in such surface pleasantries, but I just wanna work, and not have to feel obligated to ask about your weekend which will bore me to death because you and I both know that's the only reason to ask about someone else's weekend is to talk about yours.