Theres an element to people sitting in their cars that seems voyeuristic, like surveillance and stakeouts, and stalking. I dont know this is happening but im sure its happening more than we think. When i turn the corner at my house at 4 am for work, and you're in your car but no lights or engine, only the light from your phone illuminating your face, it's fucking weird. In a driveway. Two days in a rotten! Then I get to work, not one but two cars, engine running, lights on, directly behind my coworker, who, watch this, amazingly has her car turned off while she puts on her makeup. See how that works. The yoyos in their car looking at their phones. How do you have time and money? If time is money, and everyone says life is short, and time runs out, why do so many of you waste time sitting in your cars? I'm sure you're the same idiots that say gas is so expensive, and how you never have enough time.