You're in your car, engine running, lights on, looking at your phone, and likely AC, or heat cranked up, I know you people feel safe in there and like you're being inconspicuous and anonymous. But you're more obvious with your lights blaring in my eyes. I know it's so hard and strenuous to switch your lights off because you need a catered world to live in so I'm sorry for your hardships and hassles. But noone wants to sit in their home, or walk up the street with your lights spotlighting us for 15 min. I guess i got better things to do. Even if youre just waiting for someone or on a break, the question is how do you have the time and money to plainly throw away? While youre very wary of your surroundings for attackers and robbers with your door locked, safe and secure looking at porn, playing games, and watching tik tok, I see you, and you always look at me too. It's fucking weird. And maybe I'm jealous while your in your controlled environment, and I'm in the world whether its hot, cold, or rainy. Lord knows if you can't turn off your light switch manually, I'm sure a rain drop on your head will be really tough for you to deal with. Another keyword. Do you know the word environment? Probably not.