I receive a Carolina Malmedal mailer almost daily and I am getting tired of the false implications they make. If you take those mailers at face value, it would be understandable if you thought that this year the general election for Senate District 15 was a second Democratic Party primary but that would be wrong. Mrs. Malmedal’s mailers mention support for values that liberal voters hold dear, abortion rights, gun control, and environmental protection, while frequently outright lying about her opponent. But on second glance all of them are written in such a way as to give everyone what they want while committing to nothing. A reader can walk away from her mailers thinking they know about her but in fact know nothing about her policy positions or party affiliation.. Her website is just more flash words and interesting blurbs that don’t mean very much, along with continued silence about a party affiliation. Most of the blurbs there sound laudable to liberals though! Why won’t she just say it? Because it’s all a lie. The voter’s pamphlet is where she finally lets us have it. Republican with standard Republican credentials. Hard against crime, taxes are evil, endorsed by conservative PACs and special interest groups. Groups that have funded her 10:1 over her opponent. You don’t get that kind of funding without obligations attached and votes expected. Because of that, with Carolina Malmedal, we don’t know what we would be getting. An old school Republican? A Trump sycophant? A RINO? An elephant wearing a donkey costume? I don’t know. What is certain: if we send her to Salem without knowing what her policy positions are we would be buying into the reality distortion field where the facts are made up and the truth doesn’t matter. We cannot afford that anymore.