I know many of you motorcyclists are throbbing and surging with special desperado testo-juice, but why let it go to your brain pans and put yourselves and others at risk? Because doing fuck-all stupid things on your crotch rockets gives you a tingle in your private no-no places? Just today I was stopped at a red light at the 26 East on-ramp, and a motorcyclist three cars behind me just wasn't having it, and he laid on his cute little horn, gesticulating madly that I needed to run the red light β€” I guess because Mr. Bi-valve For Brains was in a super big hurry to get, oh, I don't know, somewhere else. So he angrily rode up to me, sped past me, blew the red light (just as it was turning green) and sped off on Portland angriest little stretch of highway. So now, only wimps stop at red lights? More and more, I see motorcyclists in Portland blowing through red lights, speeding between cars that aren't moving fast enough for them, and generally riding like privileged little pouty-boys, endangering themselves and others. As a former biker myself, I know too well how annoying and frightening it is that many car drivers make dangerous maneuvers that threaten the lives of motorcyclists, who deserve their safe portion of our roads and highways. But when I see total D.B.s on motorcycles regularly flaunting the laws, implying they're somehow too rock-hard mavericky to observe basic courtesy and road safety, I say "Fuck you, and the bike you rode in on."