This is a real exchange with one of those street preachers who go all dressed up to stand next to custom made signs and hand out liturature downtown. PREACHER: Hi, do you have a minute to talk about how the Bible can help you and your family? ME: Do you believe in helping the poor? PREACHER: We believe in helping everyone. ME: I mean, do you personally do anything to help the poor? PREACHER: Well, I think my teaching about Jesus to people is a service to everyone, including the poor. ME: That's not what I asked, I asked do you do anything to help the poor of our community? PREACHER: Well, for me personally, I think it comes down to helping people help themselves, you know like you can't just give hand outs, you shouldn't just give people fish you got to teach a man to fish for himself. ME: Really, what did Jesus do? PREACHER: Well, he taught people... ME (interrupting) : and he literally gave them fish didn't he. PREACHER: Well, uh. ME: He gave them fish, didn't he. (then I just walked away).