Human behavior is already quite idiotic but check these two other morons I spotted riding around on Trimet. BananaMan. He sits down sideways in the back near me, all alone. He eats a banana. Oh, also, he won't take off his backpack, and his legs are all blocking the aisle while he's on a video game. When the bus stops, he goes to the back door and tosses the banana peel onto the street. Is that what composting is, or is that considering littering? But also, why the fuck not just use the garbage can at the front of the bus? When I bumped into his legs on the way out I saw him looking curiously at me while I was outside walking away. Get a fucking clue, dumbass. BeardBro boards train with chin strap, sits down, then starts going to town on his beard with a comb like a bunny in heat. I almost puked. Then he gets off bus in two, I said two mother fucking stops in the pouring rain. What about your fucking jamass dope ass beard bro that just just stroked to climactic heaven? It's gonna get wet again bro. Or was that like enough to groom yourself for your side action? Eitherway, if i was that stupidly precious about anything on my body the way you were, please chop my nuts off.