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I went before City Council twice in 2020 to submit evidence that the SW Corridor MAX extension proposed on Hwy 99W Barbur Blvd would in fact worsen traffic hazards, accident rating and severity (more accidents, more passenger and pedestrian fatalities). The entire council, including Joann Hardesty, ignored this concern for no good reason I can fathom. Regretfully, I draw the same conclusion about widening I-5 through the Rose Quarter: more accidents, more fatalities. Such blatant incompetence and criminal unaccountability for most people is unacceptable. Mostly I blame ODOT director Kris Strickler who should know better but stuck to the main objective of these two proposals, development of sardine can apartment blocks to suit the whims of absentee slumlord investors from Saudi Arabia or wherever.


Corrrection: I went before City Council twice in 2019, rather than 2020. The evidence was also submitted to Metro Council twice, Attorney General Rosenblum, Secretary of State Clarno and several representatives, none of whom bothered to answer its grievous concerns alleging criminal intent: "intentional misdirection of project studies to predetermined outcomes," "willful concealment of pertinent information from the voting public," "reckless endangerment," and were the projects to be built as proposed, "negligent homicide."


It's truly a shame. Jo Ann was one of the only council members who cared about tenants rights.


I would NOT
count Jo Ann
OUT of Politics

she's the Fire
we Need on
OUR Side.


So glad we got that crazy bitch out of there. The worst most unstable city councilor ever.

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