Obviously, there are those so adolescently self-consumed that it means ziltch to them to abandon a shopping cart β€” when they're done with it β€” smack-dab in front of a store entrance, or in the middle of a parking space, or just randomly out in a parking lot's line of traffic. Not giving a general shit is an art form for these knuckle dragging mouth breathers. What's super sad about their disregard for others is that this makes it doubly hard for seniors or those with disabilities to find a cart where they should be, and it creates extra, shitty labor for underpaid workers who have to move/gather these discarded carts, often in cold, wet weather. If you refuse to walk the extra steps to simply roll your shopping cart to the nearest corral, or worse, you just dump your cart in front of the door or along aisles where people are trying to get through, you, literally, are the worst people on the planet. I say that confidently, because you're also the breed of half-humans who are likely to embrace the MAGA cult of "I got mine, go fuck yerselves!" We all see you doosh through life. You are unloved and will be unmourned when you flume straight to hell.