I planned to write a positive-leaning post about how I will wear a mask in public if I am sick and have to go out. And hope that perhaps people will get the hint. But what I really want to say is if you are coughing and blowing your nose around me, I think you are RUDE! We all know how to wear a mask now, so why don't you realize how disgusting it is? And also potentially dangerous. I don't care if you have 'been on antibiotics for two weeks' (um, we all now know that that doesn't fight any virus) or are 'having allergy issues' (the number one thing I hear from people who later found out they had covid.) Because the bottom line is—if you get sick in any way these days, it kinda screws up your life! Elderly relatives? Travel plans? Gatherings with babies you are excited to see? You don't know what I've got planned. But you can surely mess up my life with your germs. Masks aren't hard—we've proved we all know how to wear them and even have them around now. Masking has been the norm in Japan for years as a way to show consideration for others. I'm not saying you have to stay home—yes, you need to live your life. But please—keep your cough and your germs to yourself so the rest of us can live our lives too.