I don't want to spend too much time on this subject, but I think it's an important example that other anon participants will appreciate. Ol'musky is functionally implementing fascism at twitter. That's what you are watching. It doesn't matter what really is. It doesn't matter how "valuable" you are to the company, what everything comes down to is whether or not you've appeased the in-"ruler" or crowd. Accountability is only for those beneath them. Justice is whatever they "feel" it should be. And now more and more people witnessing this are forced to consider "what are the distinct differences between capitalism and fascism anyway?" (hint: there aren't that many). Sure, there are a few respectable "brands" left on twitter, but it's quickly becoming a even more reactive and unstable environment than it was already designed to be. It'll be interesting to see who'll still remains on the platform after thanksgiving and what excuses they may use to justify their participation in an dangerous, racist, violence-inducing, and anti-lgbt platform. I have no doubt that we'll hear the same excuses used for the justification of the use and participation in other racist, corrupt, and otherwise bigotted systems (looking at you America). But the cool thing will be how we figure a way to apply the lessons of the microcosm that is twitter to the macrocosm that is our world. Besides, Twitter was always awful, especially in the mornings, and it's demise can only really mean one thing: a communications disruption.