No matter how much Portland city government changes or how the MAGAnauts are kept (mostly) out of city and county public office, racism, bigotry, queerphobia, etc. will likely continue to stain virtually every aspect of public and private security/policing. From rent-a-cops to the Portland Police Bureau, canoodling with Nazi and white supremacist gangs is an all-too-real phenom here in Portland. People who believe more cops, bigger PPB budgets, and the expansion of privatized policing and surveillance are viable solutions to the ills of a decaying, late-stage capitalist system are either blindly stupid or permanently trapped in the poop chute of their rock-rib political and social beliefs. At what point will we Portlanders garner the needed courage to completely rethink community safety, while acknowledging the root causes of crime, poverty, and addiction? (Asking for a friend.)