FULL DISCLOSURE. I lived in Portland a short time ago, but I'm no longer a voting resident. It's upsetting to again see news stories of Wheeler and his cronies criminal incompetence on display whether that's their failure to properly capture public records or their literally selling off of Portland public property to donors at favorable rates during regular business hours. Yes, he needs to be recalled, and he can be, but you have to run a clear and realistic campaign that appeals to at least a segment of Gonzalez voters to get that done. It can't be a cool kid club or a campaign of veilled payouts within a certain political gang, it should be a campaign that people are willing to volunteer for, or donate their services to in-kind. Wheeler can be recalled. It's well within the realm of POSSIBILITIES but calling him a war criminal or a serious national security concern in the pockets of the Chinese interests isn't going to accomplish that. You can do this Portland. Again I don't even live there anymore, but there are plenty like myself through-out our country who would be excited to support Portland getting shit together and getting rid of this embarassment to our country.