Thats all I can explain it as. This is best I can explain, you're a Trimet bus driver that got to the stop a little early. Its a new kinda route Trimet is going through. It was pouring down rain, and you were 20 ft ahead of stop. As I've seen many drivers before, passengers would walk up to bus, and driver would let them on. I tried to do that as it was pouring rain but nope, you refused. I said seriously? I just want out of the rain. You said, "this is my layover." And made me go back to the stop. I stood there for 3 minutes, maybe, and then you drove up. I was thinking, a layover? Seriously, really? Then another day, you're the same driver but I'm on the bus riding now. Once again, you were early at a completely different stop and area, so you pulled over and waited 3 to 5 minutes. Then we drove 10 to 20 feet to pick up another rider. Seriously? Thats just cruel. Theres no way you didn't see that rider. If you didn't, you're aren't very good a your job. But also, why not just pick the rider up, then we can all wait there instead of letting him stand there wondering what is going on with the bus. You see how mean that is? Just evil. Just plain immature because I know there's some purpose to what you do because you don't like people. So you're in the wrong profession, driver..