If you're wondering why the hell people can openly and brazenly commit crimes against in the public in open view of the public (like say an insurrection or the murder of people of certain skin tones), there's a few things you should be looped into. So the basic problem is abuse of power this is mostly established at the local level, where those empowered with the use of state violence abuse the priviledge and public trust. Normally we're supposed to have a series of check's and balances to compensate for this behaviors, but they don't really work when the people who are supposed to be the checks are cowards and competing interests. The Mayor is supposed to be a check but he knows to stick to what he's told to do by his gym buddies and they're fine with the situation. The FBI is supposed to in theory be a check on corruption, but they have an interest in maintaining "partnerships" with local law enforcement that they prioritize over other interests. The DOJ is supposed to be a check, but they also prioritize "relationships with law enforcement" over more pressing public interests. Elected officials overwhelmingly benefit from law enforcement looking the other way on their own matters. Can you see the pattern? The lesson is simple, if you commit crimes, it would be stupid for you not to employ key figures or donate to certain groups in exchange for law enforcement to look the other way about your blatant lawbreaking and corruption. Anyone currently in office (or consider a political figure) NOT currently speaking out about corruption is a benefitting participant of the antipublic system. Now is the time to examine and strategize so we can clean house as quick as we can with the next round.