I hate space travel. And I'll probably never get the chance to go to Mars, but if I was offered? At this point? I'd probably go. Sure it's a hostile frozen dead land with no atmosphere and can kill you with just radiation alone, but what it doesn't have? Is noise. Our world is way too loud! There's seriously no escaping it. I know they now have electric leaf blowers (they're still loud AF), but they're at least a little quieter. Do they work well? I've never used one. Do you landscapers want to use them? I feel so bad for you guys. Apologies to the gentleman who I banged on my bedroom window at at 7AM or whenever it was after getting woken up. I'm an asshole. You didn't deserve that and were just doing your job. Maybe soon I can blast off to Mars so you'll have one less 'not a morning person' to deal with. Or perhaps the Moon. I hear it's lovely this time of year.