Time to offer my personal thanks to all the non-bourgie community-based people and orgs that help preserve Portland's soul of giving and compassion. Here goes (and apologies to anyone I've omitted): JoAnn Hardesty, Central City Concern, the Scanner, the Urban League, the Miracles Club, KMHD's Baby Boomer and DJ Action Slacks, Sisters of the Road, Street Roots, Transitions Projects, all the folks at DHS, honest cops, the PPB Advisory Committee, and all the nameless workers, hippies, tripsters, single moms, caregivers, struggling addicts, anarchists, queers, and homeless folk doing their got-damnest just to make it through another got-damned day without getting bashed, assaulted, shot, or diminished by entitled powers. You all are heroes, and I thank you for inspiring better from us all.