I know there is an anon here who loves to rant about corruption. I wanted to let you know that we are seeing more and more people openly and honestly raise the issue of corruption across the public sphere. It's happening slowly, but it is gaining steam. The question is whether it will gain enough momentum for individuals to recognize their personal interest and the public interests are not in conflict with each other. There is a reason that so many "experienced" people "let things slide", it's because they believe they could personally harmed if the rhetoric of equal accountability were amplified in our society. Most of these people haven't done anything wrong, but there insecurities restrict their moral movement and force them to be dependent on others for validation and approval. But many people are waking up to their own personal, ethical, and professional responsibilities to the community so maybe something will happen. So, anticorruption anon, I want to caution or maybe advise you, as the thoughtful and considerate individual you are, that when you examine the details of professionals past oversights, missteps or failings, that you frame you insights in the context of how we can overcome them and move forward together rather than sentence them to public shamings or professional infamy. There are a lot of people who know plenty but are afraid to speak up and speak out because they feel shame for not saying anything YET. They need to know that SOONER WAS BETTER THAN LATER and NOW IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NEVER and that they'll be welcomed and celebrated for their part in helping to dismantle networks of corruptions and improve our communties. Give people a chance, give people in scary situations the benefit of the doubt, and count wins as wins.