I get aggravated and feel disrespected when I dont get responded to. Could be for jobs but sometimes just general questions amongst friends or family. This isn't to do with dating but the idea would still apply. On the ghosted end, it seems like a simple thing to do for someone to just take a minute to say "I'm busy," or "I'll get back to you." I am thinking too, there is a level of "being cool" when you don't respond. It's "in" to not respond. Maybe it's to avoid confrontation? But really, a question of "can I do (this certain thing) today versus tomorrow?" be really that confrontational? Or again, it's like cool to play "hard to get." It doesn't seem that hard to do. I've even noticed on my end, I won't reply to some people in certain situations, although I do consider myself to be a responsive communicator which in turns means I'm being spiteful when I dont reply which I am because I'm not replying on purpose for some childish reason as opposed to "being busy." So what does it mean? Then I thought recently when I wasn't responding to someone, Yet I keep hearing from them, then twice in one day saying, "I guess I won't hear from you." But what if I might be dead? I mean even in family emergencies you could theoretically still reply. Its truly only in death, you cannot. So, why can't people simply respond? And why is the automatic response to when someone doesn't respond that they're avoiding you instead of like something real like being dead or on a plane, or in the jungle?