I can tend to hear about peoples multiple sexual partners and affairs mostly from watching Dateline. How? I don't get it. Me, I'm a monogamous person and I've only had two sexual partners, maybe three or four if you count foreplay in HS, in my 40 plus years on earth. So how does it work? I'm around people at work all the time. I've been out at night many a time, and these thoughts never enter my brain nor does the opportunity really ever come up. I like sex. I masturbate. But all at the same time, with sex it's always so anticlimactic after the climax, like, now I gotta go wash up. Sometimes, that's like what was the point? When did wearing sweats to work become so normal? Forget about simple things like errands or grocery shopping but going to a place of employment? Like, did these people interview in sweats? Oh yeah, I saw this dude running for the max with those pants below the ass. That's probably the dumbest thing ever though. He was like a waddling jester but just dumber.