Cars hate bicycles and walkers. Bicycles hate cars and walkers. Walkers hate cars and bicycles. But can't we just get along? I'm on the side of walkers because that's what I do. And I'll tell you bicycles are usually cool. But cars, man, cars are assholes. Do you really have to skid out as you turn while I'm just about finishing crossing the crosswalk in the right of way? Do you really have to speed in a shopping mall parking lot while I'm walking casually? The emptier the lot, the faster you speed. Do you really have to give me the evil eye and shake your head too? Do you know how lame your are? I was once with a friend who was driving and he did a little swerve into some walkers on the street because there was no sidewalk. He said look at these idiots on the road. Like, do you really wanna hit someone? Do you really wanna kill someone? My supervisor in the prime of her life got ran over and killed in a parking lot because some monster truck ran her over. As far as I'm concerned, cars are like the death star. You're in a hunk of metal that will truly hurt someone, so just chill the fuck out, relax, and realize, if you were walking, if we put ourselves in the shoes of others, you'd want some grace. Because carman someday you'll be walking, well scratch that, you're too fucking lazy to walk I'm sure of it