Thanks previous Anon, I appreciated the note about how the momentum seems to be gaining with the anticorruption and counter corruption forces. Those who've planned ahead in the spirit of radical transparency and ethics leadership will certainly stay ahead of the game. One problem we have to figure out is how we hold people accountable while still permitting them to participate in moral and ethical progress with us. There are plenty of "decent" people who have simply got mixed up in nasty business and are functionally being used as a type of cover for much more malign actors. Are these people responsible for what they participated in? Yes. But we should also account for the fact that they've been lied to and manipulated by those with experience manipulating public systems for their own private ends. I think that counts for something. We should always consider the circumstances of people's situations in addition to the decisions they made or what questions they failed to ask during certain events. I accept your advice and return the same noting that the goal of accountability isn't punishment but progress.