This issue has always bothered me for years. You get on the bus and CHOOSE to sit sideways up front, but the only direction you look is at the back of the bus at all of us potentially looking at you, although most people are on their phones anyway, or we're looking forward in your direction because that's usually what people do. We look the direction we are going. Why do you do this? If its because you feel like eyes are on you, you chose to sit there. You must've wanted to be looked at in one way or another. You have to be aware of this. If you dont want to feel like youre being looked at, dont sit there. Its just always been odd to me and rather annoying because I just don't get it. Then you do it every 5 minute or so. Or every time someone gets off the bus, or makes a sound in the back. Its just very strange but also automatic, stupid human behavioral response. Anytime someone doesn't do this, I'm shocked and amazed. Then, I often think of you without any physical thing to read, or music to listen to. Or even looking at a phone which I hear is bad but at least you'd be expanding your mind in one way or another, or learning something else entirely. Its curious to me when you have none of this, and then if you're continually looking at the back of the bus, what is in that head of yours. I'm sure its absolutely nothing worth my time because you're just another wastoid, wasting life away with your little excursion. I guess that is an excuse after all for getting out of the house which im sure you're otherwise there 24/7.