You two folks get on the bus. On person sits in one row and the other in the row behind or in front. Why don't you guys sit together? You guys don't know each other well? You like your space? CoVid? Cooties? Because its so stupid to see you up front constantly turning your head behind to talk to your "friend" behind. Its weird. Its annoying. I dont wanna have to look at your face. Or better yet, you stay almost sitting backwards talking. Just sit together for crying out loud. And you, dirty nasty shoes that wanna sit sideways and put your feet up on the seat. That is so stupid too. Its as if you've had a hard day and are trying to relax but really all you're doing is getting your shit, piss, mud, and germs shoes on the seat for the next person to sit on unknowingly, or better yet place their hand on that seat for some reason. Then its absurd if I'm behind you and you wanna sit sideways and now I gotta just look at your profile view. I never would've though I'd like looking at the back of heads so much more.