Imagine a hamburger. You have just been charged with it's protection and defense. You have just swore an oath to protect and defend this hamburger against any harm or enemies. Now imagine there is another person who has also supposedly been in trusted to protect and defend this hamburger together with you and has also taken an oath to this effect. They come over to you and say, "So we got this guy who wants to rub his genitals all over the hamburger and basically f*ck it beyond recognition." Still with us? Now imagine they said that letting this random dude f*ck this hamburger is actually in the interest of preventing people like him from rubbing their genitals all over the hamburger and basically f*cking it. Now imagine they have invited you to also f*ck the hamburger provided you never talk about what happened even though everyone with ears very loudly hears you all f*cking the hamburger and even see you do it with their own eyes. Everyone can clearly see the hamburger you swore to protect and defend has been f*cked beyond recognition. Meanwhile you and this other asshole are standing there with condiments all over your genitals, loudly professing how talented you are at protecting and defending the hamburger from people who'd want to f*ck it. In fact, you even start charging your friends and family special access to f*ck the hamburger. All the while, you and your hamburger f*cking friends start awarding each other medals for the great job you've been doing making sure other people didn't f*ck the hamburger that you swore to protect and defend from people f*cking it, that you very clearly and don't forget insufferably loudly have been f*cking in front of everyone.