You seemed so cool and equally goofy. Like most Portlanders, the conversation was about our cats and tattoos and equal number of cattoos. We joked about getting ink together on our first date while both doing our best to convince the other how serious we were about said proposition. It was going to be an amazing date or another complete bust and we'll never know which because I woke up this morning to the dreadful news. For god knows what reason I was banned. (I know, banned from Tinder? I must have been vulgar or disgusting.) I hope not. I don't think I was. Just another idiot in this city trying to fumble their way through dating. I wish I could at least get the message to you 'hey I didn't just unmatch you for no reason, but instead was unwillingly ripped apart like what happens to those lovers in that Baz Lurhman movie. No, not Romeo and Juliet, I was thinking Moulin Rouge.' Crying about this because I'm a pisces.