To all pharmacy personnel everywhere: STOP YELLING OUT MY NAME AND REASON FOR APPOINTMENT AND MEDICATIONS! Ever heard of HIPA? You do not need to YELL my name to those in the waiting room, confirm my SSN, or medications by shouting at me from across the room! Take out your fucking airpods! (Three of us waiting in there now). You do not need to inform everyone of my reason for being there. (Four in there now). Nor do I want to be let in on the private lives of others waiting. SHUT THE DAMNED DOOR when dealing with people! Would YOU want everyone there to know about YOUR (fill in the blank) HEALTH ISSUES? (Five people now waiting.) You make a big deal about having an appointment, and even though I am 10 minutes early, am still waiting 30 minutes past the appointment time WHILE LAST GUY TO ENTER THE ROOM GOES FIRST!?! I hear you laughing, and joking, and wasting EVERONE’s time while we wait. And wait. And wait — in the tiny, poorly ventilated waiting room. I know that our healthcare system has gone to shit, but you don't need to add to the chaos. FFS grow up!