It’s hilarious reading complaints here, from transplants who seem to blame an entire city, because they have no friends. Somehow an entire population is to blame because no one likes you? Hysterical! Then of course we have people who *CONSTANTLY* remind us of where they have lived before settling here (New York, Boston, Seattle -whether it matters or not to their griping or the post at hand, it’s hammered into us so we won’t forget much less give a shit) and how the people of this city are all horrible. Newsflash, asshole! No one liked you before you moved here, wherever you go or move to, you will still be there. You’ll still be there taking up space, turning people off because you exist. It’s kind of like those psychotic people who cycle through roommates and somehow there is something wrong with all of them when in reality, they themselves are the problem. Portland isn’t the problem, nor is the city at fault because you fail at life and human interaction.