I do so Hope
this is Ca-

but are We get-
ting Re-runs?


Exhibit A.


@2 Best probable unintended self own ever!


so you're
the toxic

that's what
I figured.


I don't live in Portland and I am certainly not like anyone referred to in this IA, other than I happen to have lived in places other than Portland (and Oregon). What is so amusing is that most people who move to Portland are from other parts of Oregon. So all of the Oregonians who bitch about people in Portland are actually bitching about themselves. Look it up. Facts are facts. Again, I say, your entire rant is just one Oregonian bitching about people in Portland who are more likely than not to be from Oregon. Talk about a self-own.


@5 I laughed because the I/A has made mention of a consistent pattern. Face it, you never will stop letting people know where you’ve lived before, usually never means anything. You just slip it in when you can. In fact, anyone can read your comments tied to your account name -facts are facts, you say- and it comes up. You also seem to forget conveniently that in addition? Others have said the exact same thing in comments. As you say, facts are facts. Look it up. 😘


I realize trying to have a dialogue with a you is pointless, but seriously, here's a reality check.

I don't hate the people of Portland, nor have I ever "blamed an entire city because I have no friends."

Plenty of people like me, I have a good number of friends (who, you know, live in Portland and in Seattle and in New York - city and state - and all sorts of other places that aren't Portland or Oregon, should I name every city and state, oh no wait, that's something you hate).

People liked me before I moved here and people still like me and I have lived here for almost a decade now.
AND (I know this one will be rough for you), I will live here in Oregon until the day I die. Not moving again, ever.

I don't turn people off simply because I exist. I am not currently nor have I in the past failed at life or human interaction.

I have mentioned that I have lived elsewhere (and acknowledged that), but hardly constantly and certainly not in every single comment I have written here (have you really read every comment I've written here, because if you have, that's a level of commitment that seems....odd).

I have exceptional people skills with actual people (not whatever you are, hiding behind your computer screen, with a fake name and nasty things to say).

Bye, Felicia.


well I Like you
a Fuckova Lot

so thnx, tentsy!

sorry --


K you are too kind. It's too bad we couldn't have known each other before (and in person), but before I wasn't someone who spent any time on the internet...


I'm grateful for the time
I've already known you
you're a fucking Warrior
Princess Xina brilliant
fierce fearless Honest
and probably Funny af

if you ever did
wanna meet up
it'd be an Honor


If this zombie apocalypse ever ends and I'm still alive.


Prayin' for a
or two


hey if you ever
wanted to chat
that'd be Cool


hey Xina

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