Theres always a point in all relationships, I feel like, when something is said or done that will change how one person views the other. Whether that relationship be a lover, a friend, family member, or coworker, there is a single turning point. What is said or done is usually some opinion about race, religion, or sex. I know we don't talk about those things here, and that is not my point, but there is some judgment made that becomes a turn off to where we can longer see that person the way we used to see them. In this instance that I'm talking about for me, I'm thinking about someone who I thought was relaxed, easy going, chill, no worry, be happy go lucky, stoner, and non judgmental. All the good stuff. But when the complaining starts to happen about the tiniest things, like how 30 min is not enough time for lunch, I start to notice complaints about anything and anyone. If this person is complaining to me about someone else, chances are is they probably are complaining about me to someone else. Also when you can see an anger or temperament behind these words, it is very eye opening for me. Its hard to come back from these turning points. I think some people do, depending on the value of the relationship but some relationships get ruined over this. Also, stoners are not that chill of a people. Also, when someone is so no worries attitude, I find there a bigger chance for passive/aggressive behaviors to become apparent. And all of this sucks to realize.