When you're standing at a bus stop, waiting for your bus, at that stop with multiple bus lines, and I'm not the bus you're wanting, please motion in some way for us to keep driving because I'm not the bus you want. Your inconsiderate, clueless and narcissistic nature is a main reason why you waste our time and cause completely unnecessary stops. Get a clue, pay attention, and have some consideration. When I'm speeding up and driving up to a stop, but I pull up to stop for you, then when I open the door, and you look around like, "what's happening" well, I just wanna step out, punch your gut, then move on with my route. Yea, that would be fun. Also, you do look like an idiot standing there like an idiot when I pulled over all just for you but noone else gets on or off. Yea, you're a clueless idiot. This is one of our pet peeves.