I have no idea when I'll stop wearing masks on public transit. I won't stop riding in the near or far future, so its indefinite. I still feel perfectly fine wearing it. Its not even about fear of spread or catch. Its about more anonymity and being antisocial. Its quite unbelievable how long I've had that gaiter around my neck. And how normal it has become. I like my privacy and I like being left alone on my bus rides. Thats my time to decompress, reflect the day, ponder the future and life, and enjoy the ride. Not to have to see everyone get on or off the bus. Not to listen to nonsense talk, loud talk, and not to see anything I just won't be able to stop looking at no matter how much it is bugging me. So yes, I have full hoodie hiding eyes, if not sunglasses or hat too, then headphones to drown into good noise and music. And looking out the window. And my mask so my face is mostly covered. It works everytime.