Were stuck in this boat for 8 hrs a day. I don't care about the work. The people make or break a job and this idea, "am I the right fit?" Let's be a team, people! You can pass someone everyday for months/years, and they never look you in the eye, greet you, and pretend like they've never seen you before? Laziness, no sense of urgency. Paid by the hour. Company doesn't care for me. But working slow is harder to do than just doing the work, be busy all day, and before you know it, the day is done. Working slow does not make the day go by any faster. I heard this comment, "whenever I have a bad day." Why are there ever bad days that must be focused on? Its all about a positive attitude! Its as if the way some folks work, I can see how much they hate life. Constant complaining about nothing and everything. Constant judgments like they're high and mighty. I learned to love/like/enjoy whatever I do, at least try to learn something. I work like how I carry my life with conviction and positive energy. My life is everything I do, and that includes how i work. The choice is mine whether I keep working where I'm unhappy. This working just to get off. Working just to get to the weekend. Working what looks to be like in misery. Little pouty tantrums. When I just wanna have fun everyday, put my best efforts into my work, and go home feeling rewarded. I give to the universe, the universe will give back in ways i may not even see. Working is my way of getting paid to be at the gym.