Good. Get out.


dark glasses
ear muffs*
&/or Gd

& Munchtime
belongs to

*tho you Will
hear your Self
chewing. Hmm
maybe bring Soup
and Try not to Slurp.


Grief personified,
noisy noise makers noisely
going about some biz nez.
Give up earning anything
more than you deserve.
Leave more left behind.


That has to be dumb broads picking at salads.

A few days ago -- when I almost could have convinced myself it was my biased imagination -- I stared at this broad at a nearby booth.

I couldn't help it! I was morbidly fascinated with wondering how many stabs she was going to take at her leaves of bunny food before she finally ATE a bite of it.

In the words of Holden Caulfield, "It was so putrid I couldn't take my eyes off it."

She had to leave The Cheesecake Factory eventually -- it would close! (Medical science suggests that she had to eat eventually too.)

The horrorfascinated surprise at at a San Lusi Obispo restaurant in my twenties watching a young broad in a group of roommates' friends push food around on her plate -- food that SHE ORDERED -- for the entire time we were there had faded into memory, but reminders keep coming back.

Deal with the insulting epithet: I save it for aliens who are so bizarre that they deserve it.

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