I grew up taking all outdoor footwear off before going into the house. I never wore socks but that would be considered okay. House slippers as well, however once you wear your indoor house slippers outside, it doesn't seem logical anymore to wear them indoors again. Kinda like sanitizing your hands then completing your transaction touching keypads. So I've essentially only ever been barefoot in homes, even those that don't advocate for shoeless houses. That is when I do notice how dirty floors are though. This has been my way of live for almost 50 years. And in my own home, which I do keep pretty clean and don't have very many visitors, my feet will undoubtedly find the smallest debris, the tiniest grain, and the most microscopic crumb of anything on the floor or carpet or rug. Its almost as if that baby grain rice, or mini bread or chip crumb just scoots itself to right under my foot because they find them all the time. This is even as I consider myself to be a very neat and careful eater. Sometimes, because of the sensitivity of my feet, when one lands on something, I feel it, immediately stop, then I'm able to lift my foot up and retrieve the little ant tease right up. Pretty talented huh? Stop, this ain't foot fetish hour now.