No, you watch out. Once someone says this, "watch out" to me as their way of saying "excuse me," I lose my respect for that person as a comrade in life. You might as well say, "Move!" Whats wrong with "excuse me?" "Coming through" at least has more politeness than "move or watch out." So your parents or teachers never taught you manners. You can blame them all you want and say they never taught you which may or may not be true. But you only have yourself to blame in your many decades on earth for never learning polite manners and cordial etiquette. So I might tell you next time, "no you watch out." Or I might say, "no, you pay attention to where you're going." But I'll probably just say "eat shit or fuck you." I don't know what's worse a clueless rude person, or a purposeful rude person?