'In the rear seats seated,
dark windows, passing
through town lights.'



The Tri-Met fleet color scheme "Dark Blue - Orange Stripes" is a subliminal suggestion that transit users are criminals in the rear seats. The basic rattletrap bus chassis does NOT convert to EV very well, NOR are they suitable for stop-n-go circuitous routes at twice the price to electrify, near $1Million each. Articulated buses more than $1Million each. Thanks to those of you who voted against the SW Corridor MAX extension Nov 2020, thee worst LRT in my 30 or so years planning.


Three best guesses for the MAX Red Line shortcut to PDX at Gateway:
1). Without a Gateway stop, it separates jet set tourists from the riff-raff.
(I'll guess the Red Line will also not stop at NE 60th & NE 82nd stations).
2). Voter rejection of the SW Corridor MAX extension fiasco disappointed
construction contractors so badly, this lesser project was their recompense.
3). Removing the old single-track makes room to widen I-205. Ka-ching!

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