It has to be the worst kept secret ever. It has to be obvious I was always crazy about you, probably since the first day we met. To me you were the complete package: the rare mix of brains, beauty, and manners. I would have never taken those things for granted. And of course there was desire. To hold you close, to kiss your neck, to see your hair spread out on the pillow. I couldn’t help but want you. You’re too pretty to pretend otherwise. But I wanted the other things too. That means birthdays and Christmases and vacations and new cars. That means dirty dishes and yard work and house work and bad breath and moon cream. All of it. Whatever differences we had we could have worked out. Except the biggest difference of all: You don’t feel the same. And no matter how much it stings I’ve always appreciated that you’ve been straight with me. You never led me on. Your own version of Minnesota Nice, I guess. But still, I will love you forever.