I read your article about KGW deciding to elevate the hyena screech of loser politician Betsy Johnson. You may remember Betsy from her vile hatred of The Poors or her pitiful performance in the last gubernatorial race. So I called the KGW news office where I kindly asked why they would offer someone who has expressed such hard-hearted anger about Portland a position at their news channel. I was immediately met with an angry, entitled white guy screaming “FREE SPEECH! EVERY VOICE MATTERS!” Now I’ve raised toddlers and know when a baby needs a nipple and a nap and old boy was obviously past his expiration date so I wished to keep the conversation short, but I did want answers so I asked little man, “Where are the ultra liberal voices if you’re giving voice to a Fascist like Big Betsy?” Little man angrily dribbled out, “We represent all viewpoints!” So I asked him, “Who is a paid political correspondent that represents my viewpoint on your channel?” and of course he hung up. So I propose a boycott. Up first are The Good Feet Store, Pacific Foods, and Fred Meyer. Call them, write to them, do not buy from them. If these businesses want to promote the trash KGW had heaped on our shoulders, do what you can to throw them off your back.