- what?

I thought the Capitalists
had Outlawed boycotts?

won't they send You, I, A
off to The Firing Squad
for such an Un-Cap-
italistic missive?

very very


Keep in mind that KGW was one of the media sponsors of the TEDx Portland event at The Moda that Betsy "Gawd Knows" Johnson crashed and subjected everyone to her vile screed unannounced. Then this troll started popping up on Pat Dooris' tighty-whitey wad segment, The Story, lamenting about homelessness and the downfall of Portland without end.


the Reich wing's
Bought Up ALL
the gd Media

they're no

& then there's
G.D. Bots both
Foreign & Do-
mesticated we
don't Stand a
gd Chance.

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