It was the best job I ever had, and my co-worker became one of my best friends. When he was warned to avoid me because of my past, I decided to tell him everything about my crimes, conviction, and my years in prison. But at work, you put into motion campaign of doubt and suspicion among the other employees and the store's owner. Gossip about my past, your sabotage of my sales, your slap-down of every decision and every idea, and the iron fist with which you killed the store's remaining "weird Portland" vibe. Eventually you got the owner to fire me.He wouldn't give me any explanation. No warning, no suspension, no explanation. It wasn't until months later when my friend and (now) former co-worker told me the vicious, ugly accusation made to the owner against me, an accusation that could've easily sent me back to prison. Your smear was more a success than you hoped for. I haven't found anyone to hire me at a decent living wage. My income is now so small I can't cover my bills and living costs without handouts from friends. I've spent weeks at a time r. But none of that compares to having a good friend turn on me, even before I knew what I was falsely accused of. I wonder what your actual prize was for hitting such an easy target.