First I want apologize for being rude after you called me once, I called back once, and went outside to look for you 2 times. I order Grubhub, Lyfts, and Uber. Yup. No car. Any eatery at least 20 min walking. Sometimes I dont wanna take the bus. How hard is it to find an address? When I used to drive, over 15 years ago, there were no smart phone GPS. I used prior research, actual maps, and the "get lost to be found, street smart, common sense method." Part of this was knowing odd numbers are on 1 side of the Street then even is on the other. I recently learned, we are in the NW. So all odds are the N and W side of streets, and all evens are on the S and E side. I also had to painstakingly figure out if an address of 2567, then going one direction would be 26, and the other 24. So I really don't get how 8 out of 10 drivers cannot find an address. It is literally mind boggling and beyond comprehensible. I guess my advice is stop relying on these phones and GPS to tell you what you cannot learn by just using your "worldly" experience. I know you think you need it, but its not that hard. It is really not that hard especially if you look for addresses which are also posted on houses and mail boxes like I know mine is. Okay, maybe some are not, and maybe some are in hard to see places. And maybe I know this city too well in terms of just major basics because this city is very systematic. And maybe you're new to town. And maybe you're new to earth. So I do apologize.