I wonder how many cars are "warming up" every morning? In this city? In this state? All over the world? I wonder how many cars are "warming up" every morning unoccupied? I wonder how many neighbor's cars are "warming up" every morning while the driver has their morning smokes? And BTW, how long is this supposed to take? Maybe a few minutes? 5 minutes? Or you lost track of time, or "forgot" you left the engine running now it's 10 to 15 min left running? Come on guys. What's this really about? My guess is it's alot less about getting an engine acclimated and more about procrastination and being able to sit in your car to put off a day you can't get excited about. When I did drive, I maybe had the engine running for a couple minutes, and if it's frost or snow, it would take longer. But that would be logical to get the frost off a windshield in order to see. Is it truly necessary to have a car running for 5 minutes, and more every morning while you look at your phone so you can start the day? Is it truly necessary to warm up that engine while you're in the house getting ready, thinking you're killing two birds with one stone? I M B E C I L E S You idiots care nothing for the environment and only for yourselves. I saw 6 cars this morning on a 30 min walk.