Nothing about Ukraine, without Ukraine. This has been our guiding principle when determining how we as a people should lend our support to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters fighting for democracy. It's a simple concept. It's the idea that the Ukrainian people should be able to reject or consent to what happens within their own lives. It's means we respect their human right of self-determination and actively empower their ability to express it free from threats of violence or other mechanisms of illegal or unethicial coercion . But we could also do better with this concept at home. How about Nothing about Women, without Women, when it comes to the subject of abortion or other rights of bodily autonomy? How about Nothing about Trans humans, without Trans humans, when it comes to the laws recognizing our personhood, right to be included in our society, and access appropriate medical care? How about Nothing about minority groups, without minority groups when it comes to recognizing our equality and supporting our recovery from past harms enabled and encouraged by a openly corrupted state? How about nothing about the mentally or physically divergent, without the mentally or physically divergent when it comes to enabling our integration and inclusion in our society and reversing patterns of discrimination? How about nothing about union members without union members, when it comes to deciding the fortunes and fates of our industries? This is a by no means a call to retreat from our advancing of this concept in Ukraine, this is a call to better align ourselves what we call our values.